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5 Confidence Building Exercises

5 Confidence Building Exercises.

  1. Take on an Alter Ego

According to a study published in the Americans sociological associations social psychology quartely, taking on an alter-ego can really help boost your confidence as you’re getting out your own head
For example, on your next call imagine you’re someone else, maybe you’re a busy webcam girl who has the clients flying into her chat room. Or maybe you’re a DOM who is about to take control and put the client in his place. What would they do in this situation? What would they say? How would they act? Mixed martial arts fighters and burlesque performers use this same technique. This doesn’t mean you have to act like someone else all the time. Successful webcam models develop their own unique alter-ego and stick to it. Or you could even have a few! It works for Beyonce, right?


2. Create and maintain boundaries

Sit and have a think and write down what you would feel comfortable with on cam. For example if you know that you only want to show certain parts of your body or wear certain outfits while on cam then write it down and stick to it. If you know your boundaries and practice sticking to them then you will continue to feel more and more confident in yourself and speaking to clients as you are only working up to what you’re happy with. Doing this is stopping you from worrying about the unknown as you already know that you are going to feel totally comfortable throughout the call as you will be sticking to your boundaries.


3. Be positive

This on may seem as the most obvious but often isn’t used as much as we could. Being positive is essential to having confidence, how can you believe in yourself if you’re too busy moping around being negative? One really easy technique I like to use to boost my mood and make me feel more positive is repeating positive affirmations to myself over and over, for example “I am worthy of success and I am an expert in my field” or “I am beautiful, inside and out and I deserve everything I want in life” repeating statements like this to yourself out loud can really help. We become what we think and feel about ourselves, if we are always putting ourselves down in our minds then we will feel down a lot of the time. Its all about giving yourself love and treating yourself how you deserve to be treated. Always be grateful too and try to think of 3 things you love about yourself, every morning. Tell yourself each thing out loud so you’re starting your day on a positive note while also making yourself feel good about yourself.


4. Pay attention to your body language

Your body language gives a lot about your true level of confidence. Your body language is up to 13 times more influential than spoken words! You’ve likely heard the obvious things like “Don’t slouch!” Or “Stand up straight” But science has discovered that there are several postures that can actually boost your confidence. These are called “power poses” one of the poses is called “The Superman” in this pose you stand tall, puff out your chest, place your hands on your hips and stand your feet shoulder width apart. You could even repeat your positive affirmations while in this pose. Holding a power pose for 2 to 3 minutes a day can increase testosterone levels by up to 20%. Increased testosterone creates a temporary feeling of great self confidence.


5. Never stop learning

Your material possessions can be taken away from you but nobody can steal your knowledge and experience. Thats why you should always feed your brain with useful information. This makes self education one of the most effective confidence building exercises that I know. For example if you research as much as you can about webcam and each topic/ fetish you may be faced with then when it comes up in a real life situation you will feel much more confident on the call as you have already learned so much about it. Our webcam training courses found in our members only area are perfect for this as we cover everything you will need to know.