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Are you the right fit for Her Alter Ego?

Are you the right fit for Her Alter Ego?


Do you look like a supermodel?


At Her Alter Ego, we aren’t looking for supermodels.


We’re looking for normal girls – just like you!

Lots of girls are concerned they might not be the right fit.


So let’s take a look at the sort of women who have joined us already and made lots of extra cash.


The Students

Being a student is the perfect time to join Her Alter Ego. It can easily fit around your hectic student-life of studying and partying. You might be looking for a simple way to earn some dollar without the hassle of low paid, boring jobs. This way, you can choose your own hours, and be in charge of your own schedule.


The mums

Being a mum means focusing on nurturing your little ones. But don’t neglect yourself in the process. Mums like you deserve the chance to take some time out. Why don’t you take a chance? Do that thing you’ve always dreamed of but never dared? While the kids are sleeping you can be earning lots of money.


The plus-size women

All bodies are beautiful and our plus size ladies know this inside and out. Do you want to develop your confidence and show your body some real appreciation? Then joining her Alter Ego is the best way of doing just that. You’ve definitely got it and you can flaunt it however you like!


The over 40s

Age really is just a number. And it’s certainly not going to hold back our girls. Make use of your life experience and you can show people how it’s done. Life is for living and you can choose life whenever you want. Her Alter Ego is a hugely supportive agency that will help you every step of the way.


The girls next door

Think you have to be super sexy to be a cam model? Then think again. You might be feeling that you aren’t ‘glam’ enough to do it. That’s a common misconception that really isn’t true. Normal girls like you are just what our clients are looking for. At the end of the day, a friendly smile is what does it.


The alternative ladies

Got tattoos, piercings or other body modifications? So have lots of our girls. Having an alternative look can be great for pulling in the clients. So don’t let any worries hold you back. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your looks and let your personality shine.


The not-girly girls

So you’re not a girly girl? So what! We are all different and our uniqueness is what makes us stand out. Don’t let worries about what you think you should act like hold you back. Take the plunge and join Her Alter Ego. It could be the best decision you ever make.




Being a cam girl isn’t about looks.


But it IS about:



These are the things that will bring you success.


Her Alter Ego is an agency that welcomes and celebrates all types of girls.


We can’t wait for you to sign up and be part of our gang.


It takes all sorts to make the world go round. Say YES to a new life and change your world today.