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Christmas Cheer – No Fear!

This December, Her Alter Ego had the biggest and best Christmas party yet.

In a huge warehouse, we had fantastic food, festive fun and a whole lot of laughs. It was so lovely to meet some of our new members there. They all had a great time hanging out with the team and getting to know other girls.


Just say ‘yes’


Have you ever felt FOMO? The fear of missing out can mean we say ‘yes’ to all the things!


But sometimes fear can make us say ‘no’ instead. That means we can miss out on something that could have been amazing.


You might be really pumped about an upcoming event. You’ve already said ‘yes’, you’ve picked out your outfit, and you are ready to step out the house.


Then it happens… your buzzing turns to butterflies in your stomach. Your palms feel sweaty. Your heart starts to beat that little bit faster.


Suddenly that really good idea doesn’t seem like the best option anymore.


But what if?


That’s when all the what-ifs leap out:


What if they don’t like me?

What if I don’t like them?

What if I don’t fit in?

What if they are mean girls?

What if I do the wrong thing?

What if I am better staying at home instead?


These what-ifs can prevent us from stepping outside our comfort zone. They can certainly make us miss out on loads of amazing experiences.


First timer fears


Some of the new Her Alter Ego girls attended our Christmas party. It was their first event. They were nervous. Some of them considered turning their car back round on the way there!


But they didn’t.


They recognised they had doubts; but they didn’t let fear of the unknown stop them.


And guess what?


They had an AMAZING time!


No FOMO here


So what didn’t they miss out on?


  • Delicious Christmas buffet dinner
  • Hanging out and chatting in the hot tub
  • Relaxing in a steamy sauna
  • Crazy dancing and learning new moves
  • Having fun and making new friends
  • Gaining in confidence with the other girls
  • Loads of laughs and giggles!


Check out our Insta profile for some hilarious videos and photoshoots. We definitely got creative with our dance moves!


What’s happening next?


If you haven’t attended one of our epic events yet, don’t worry. We’re already planning the next one.


Our upcoming Easter event is going to be brilliant. With a Playboy bunny theme, you are gonna have the best time!


It’s a great opportunity to get together and socialise with new friends. We would love to meet you there.


Don’t let fear of the unknown stand in your way. It can prevent you from growing, learning, laughing, and living!


Feel the FOMO. Say ‘no’ to fear and and ‘YES’ to new experiences. You never know what adventures are waiting just around the corner.


We will announce more details of our Easter event soon. Keep an eye out for updates on our Insta.


Don’t forget to access the forum in the private members area. This is a safe space where you can chat to other girls about anything.


Merry Christmas!


This is a great time of year to work on your business and bring in the money.


Get in the spirit and don’t let fear get the better of you.


From all the team at Her Alter Ego, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a successful new year!