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      Newbie cam girl advice: Conversation tips


      When starting out on your cam girl journey, it’s perfectly normal to have some beginners doubts and feel nervous. We’ve all been there. Every single one of our most experienced girls started out exactly where you are today. 


      Getting a conversation started with strangers might feel daunting or intimidating at first. Just remember, the most attractive part of yourself is your personality. 


      You are unique and that is exactly what you need to show on cam. Your audience are there to get to know you and figure out your personality. So be proud and show it off.


      It doesn’t matter if you are feeling too inexperienced. Simply use this to your advantage.  Your audience will enjoy showing you the ropes and drawing you out of yourself.


      How can I start a conversation?


      Here are just a few ideas to initiate a conversation when starting out:


      “I’m new to all this…have you got any tips for me?” This will make them believe that you respect their experience and look up to them as knowledgeable. 


      “This is my first time…I’m feeling a little nervous.” This will encourage them to try and make you feel better and try and relax.


      “Do you want to hear about the [crazy/funny/nightmare] day I had?” Saying something like this with enthusiasm will draw in your audience. 


      “Tell me about the best thing that’s happened to you today.” This puts the focus on the client. It gives them the attention they are looking for.


      “What kind of things do you enjoy doing?” Perhaps you could share your interests, hobbies or skills. It could be anything from hula hooping to juggling! This encourages clients to bond with you.


      How can I keep the conversation flowing?


      Make sure you are interacting with your audience rather than just speaking to them. They want to feel involved and that their opinions matter. So when you are talking about your day, a funny story, or your views on a topic, make sure you ask for their input.


      “What do you think about [insert topic]?”


      “What would you have [done/said/thought] if it happened to you?”


      Think about how you want them to feel in the situation. They want to feel connected to you. What else can you say to get them chatting? 


      Remember to ask open questions. These don’t have a yes/no answer. So, rather than asking if they like something or not, ask what they think about it instead. This will extend the conversation and keep that money rolling in.


      Clients enjoy the ‘real girl’ aspect of cam girls. They want to believe that you care about them and are open and honest. Seeing the real life and human aspect of cam girls is why clients keep coming back. 


      How can I get repeat clients?


      Once you’ve had some success with specific clients, how can you get them to come back for more? 


      Try and remember some facts about your clients. What topic did they enjoy talking about with you? Remind them of what you talked about last time. This shows them you were paying attention and makes them feel special. You will have them begging to come back for more. 


      Another tip is to make sure you are seen regularly on cam. The more you show up, the more likely clients are going to remember you. If you aren’t putting in the hours, they might lose interest and you are back to square one.

      So now you know the basics, what sort of things can you think of to say to help get a conversation going during those awkward, quiet moments. Share your ideas on this topic so we can all help each other build up different conversations to experiment with..



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