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      Laura LouiseLaura

      We’re here to get results and we know you are too. Here’s the best way for each of us to get there:

      Be supportive. Encourage and support your fellow girl gang. No one here is looking for your criticism, cynicism, advice, or judgement. (We can get those things on the rest of the Internet).

      Share generously. Your stories and experiences may be exactly what another members needs to hear today to solve a problem or seize an opportunity.

      Be constructive. We’re here to push each other forward and lift each other up. Find ways to help each other think bigger, reframe challenges, and stay curious.

      Don’t spam, promote, or troll. The forum exists to help you learn. It’s not a place to spam, promote, or bully anyone else.

      You’re a Part of Something Bigger. Being a member of Her Alter Ego is not just about camming. It’s about building up who you are and living your dreams.

      So Let’s get started.. Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about you. Here is a great place to connect with likeminded girls who may be starting their cam journey at the same time as you.


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      Katie SpiceKatie Hackney

      Hello! I am Katie one of the mentors here at Her Alter Ego.. I have been camming for 4 years now and I love the freedom it allows me.
      I also love mentoring girls and helping with their cam journey and seeing girls grow, flourish and make lots of dollar, woo! Excited to meet and chat on here xx

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