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      Laura LouiseLaura

      SPH – Small Penis Humiliation


      Things to do

      • Measure It Against Small Objects
      • Compare Against Pictures Of Real Men
      • Use your pinky finger to hold up to the screen and compare sizes
      • Use your thumb and fore finger to show him the size of his penis
      • Use tweezers to wank
      • Wank using only two fingers because it’s that tiny
      • Make him measure it with a ruler
      • Say you are going to tell your friends that you have seen the smallest cock
      • Point and laugh at it
      • Hold up the loser sign to him
      • Ask him to describe his cock to you
      • Make him rub ice on it to make it smaller
      • Make him wear women’s underwear
      •  Make him tell you how pathetic he is


      Things to call it: 

      • Maggot dick
      • Pin dick
      • Clitty slut
      • Tiny cock loser
      • Small dick loser
      • Little wiener 
      • Chipolata cock
      • Spaghetti penis
      • Baby Penis
      • Button knob
      • Loser
      • Pin dick


      Things to say:

      •  Oh its so cute! Like a little boys dick
      • I feel sorry for you
      • I have seen bigger clits to be honest
      • Maybe we should just cuddle for a bit instead
      • I only fuck men with atleast 9 inch cocks
      • You know there’s an operation?
      • You should draw a smiley face on it
      • The last guy I slept with was atleast 4 inches longer
      • How lovely, you brought a scented stick for me
      • This explains your expensive car
      • Is that it?
      • Oh lovely, I really need a toothpick.
      • I never knew it could be that small
      • What did God punish you for?
      • I heard that excessive masturbation shortens the penis
      • Oh look, its hiding. Don’t be shy
      • Are you cold?
      • Does it run in the family?
      • Were you castrated?
      • Deep throat? Honey it wouldn’t even reach my tonsils
      • Can I hang my coat on this?
      • Look, my Barbie clothes would be a perfect fit
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      Holly SessionsHolly Sessions

      <p style=”text-align: center;”>I love this! Super helpful for girls who want to explore domination on cam… you can earn a lot of extra £ and tips from submissive clients!! It is well worth trying if you have that inner ‘Bitch’ 😉 xx</p>

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