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      Laura LouiseLaura

      Where are you from?

      Do you have cam?

      Do you ever meet?

      So what turns you on?

      Do you have any kinks?

      What’s your favourite sex position?

      Would you like to be here in this room now?

      What would you do to me if you were here?

      Are you an ass or tits man?

      What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

      Have you ever had sex in public?

      Do you like threesomes?

      What would you do if you walked into this room and found me like this?

      What’s your ultimate fantasy?

      Will you think about me when you’re wanking later/tomo/whenever?

      Can I tell you something naughty I did?

      You remind me of this guy I was fucking once..

      what kind of porn do you like?

      What’s your biggest turn on?

      I went clubbing at the weekend and something naughty happened.. (continue to tell a story sending one sentence at a time)

      The delivery driver caught me in my lingerie the other day… (continue telling story)

      I have such a big fantasy about being bent over a desk..Have you ever had sex at work? Would you like to?

      I love having sex with more than one person.. Have you ever been with more than one person?

      Do you like squirters?

      Have you ever made a girl squirt?

      Do you like licking pussy?

      Are you kinky?

      Have you ever been tied up?

      Would you like to be blindfolded?

      Are you good at massages?

      I would love to try a two girl BJ. Have you ever had one?

      Do you think you could handle me?

      How many times can you cum in a day?

      Where would you take me on a date?

      What would you do if I was your boss/delivery girl/PT

      Have you ever had a secret hotel naughty date? That sounds such a turn on

      (Please add your own in the comments)

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      I would like to say a big thank you to laura for helping me join.. lovely woman, so nice to have a females to respond too, made me feel so welcome despite my fears. #TEAM LAURA

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