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Girls weekend in Leicester

What’s better than a weekend away? A weekend away with girlfriends!

Why is it important to hang out with your girl gang?


Spending time with special people who really understand you is empowering. People who ‘get’ you are your people, they’re your gang.


When you spend time with your girl gang, you will feel:


  • Fulfilled
  • Motivated
  • Guided
  • Valued
  • Appreciated
  • Understood
  • Connected
  • Supported
  • Accepted
  • Empowered


That’s why at Her Alter Ego, we make getting together a top priority.


What does Her Alter Ego offer?


We offer opportunities during the year for all our girls to hang out. This July, we spent a whole weekend having fun and some chilled girly time. It’s so important for us to connect with everyone in the team and get to know each other.


Sharing activities together increases our bond. Who doesn’t love spa days, pizza and playing games? We watched movies and made loads of webcam content too. It’s a great chance to get some sexy profile pics taken in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment. We also made loads of money together while webcamming in the evening after a cheeky few wines.


What support do we provide?


We have so much support from our mentors but nothing beats hanging out in person. It’s a great opportunity to ask all those things you wanted to know. Take some time to chat about top tips and techniques. You’re sure to discover something new.


It’s so important to share our experiences of cam girl life. The highs, the lows, the fun and the freedom. There really is no other job like it. It’s totally unique and so are all of our girls. That’s why speaking to girls who totally understand where you’re coming from is so helpful in this business.


After a weekend like this, we all feel inspired and energised to try out new things. Our confidence and self-belief is sky high. This means our earnings can increase too.


What’s next for the team?


Our next get-together will be a spook-tastic Halloween special. We can’t wait to meet all our new girlfriends and spend some quality time together.


At Her Alter Ego, we all belong and we are all worthy. This is our girl gang and everyone is welcome.