How To Keep Your Client

Being able to pick up new clients regularly is great, but being able to keep them is even better.

Having regular clients you can rely on and who you’re comfortable with makes everything so much easier, so here’s what you need to know.


Body Language:

In order to build a connection with your client, the first thing to consider is how you look to them. You should seem genuinely interested and engaged in what you’re doing. It’s important to appeal to your client’s ego: if he thinks you’re truly having a good time with him, not only will he be flattered but he’ll also keep coming back to you.

Remember that if you’re typing, don’t spend ages looking down at the keyboard. Eye contact is incredibly important – it builds an instant connection with your client, and is powerful, sexy and suggestive. Try to maintain it as much as possible.

One trick to make as much eye contact as you can without feeling awkward is to position your webcam just above your preview screen. Then when you’re checking yourself out in your cam, it will seem as though you’re making eye contact with your client – when really you’re just looking at yourself!

Another simple but effective trick some girls overlook is to smile. People are drawn to happy people, and it’s an easy way to build a quick connection with your client. You don’t have to smile the whole time, but always try to greet your guests with a warm and sincere smile. This is important as it also appeals to your client’s ego: if it looks as though you’re bored or have better places to be, then what’s his incentive to stick around?

Now you’re aware of how you’re appearing to your client, it’s onto the harder part: the chat. There are a few easy ways to get the ball rolling once you’ve made your introductions, and one way is to ask your client what it is they’re looking for. If they tell you it’s something specific, then just saying something like “Great, I can help you with that,” is usually enough to get the conversation flowing – particularly when you match it with a sexy or cheeky smile.

The Chat:

Now let’s cover dirty talk. A lot of girls, especially when they first start camming, are scared of dirty talk. That’s totally normal. The thing to remember is that most people feel this way initially, and you’ll soon get the hang of it. If you’re unsure, a great way to start is by simply being descriptive. Describe what you’re doing as you’re doing it, and tell your client how it’s making you feel. Think about all the naughty things you like, and tell him how you’d want him to do those things to you.

If you get stuck and can’t think of anything to say, ask your client a leading question. By asking a question where they have say something other than “yes” or “no”, you’re not only buying yourself some time to think, but you’re also allowing your client to tell you exactly what it is that he likes. To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of leading questions that you can refer to which will be sent to you when you begin webcamming.

Some questions to ask your client that are usually foolproof are:

“What’s your naughtiest fantasy?”

“What would you do to me if you were with me right now?”

“Where would you want me to touch you if I were with you now?”

See, it’s really not that hard once you get the hang of it!

As well as asking leading questions, describing your own fantasies is also a good way to keep the conversation going. Tell your client what naughty things you’ve been up to, what you enjoy doing most, and what you’d like them to do to you if they were there right now. It’s a good idea to have a think about this beforehand, so you have some sexy situations you can tell them about if necessary.


The key to successful webcamming and keeping your client is making them feel special. Personalise your chats as much as you can. Give your clients sexy nicknames or refer back to previous chats you’ve had with them: let them know you remember who they are and the fun you’ve had before. Your client doesn’t want to think that he’s just one of many – he wants to think that you’re really having fun with him, and that he’s making you feel good. It’s the small things that can really help, like good eye contact and genuine smiles.

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. You may think you’re sounding a bit repetitive, but your client is probably too busy thinking about what he wants to do to you to notice you already used that same phrase!

Finally, one of the most important things to remember is that you should relax and have fun. See your personality as one of your secret weapons: not everyone will get you, but the ones who do truly appreciate you, and will keep coming back. Remember that as soon as a client feels a connection to you, you’re winning at webcamming.