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Keeping the Conversation Going

Can’t Get The Convo Flowing? This is the Article For You!

We’ve got ALL the secrets covered – AND the exact words for you to say. Yes. Exact words!!

Use our top tips (and our starter sentences!) to create interesting conversations and get some long term clients! Remember: the more fun you have, the more fun your clients have – and the more clients you win!

TOP TIP: Use Open Questions – which means they have to answer with something other than yes/no. This will get them opening up and sharing about their fantasies. The more you get them talking, the more money you make.

In fact here’s a list of questions you can actually use…so go ahead. Try them out, and don’t forget to let us know how you get on. In this community, sharing is caring- and we need to stick together.

Ask questions that start with a…..

WHAT…. kind of like…. 

  • What are your filthy fantasies?
  • What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
  • What would you do to me if I was there with you?
  • What’s it like meeting escorts?
  •  -What was your best experience /What was your worst experience?
  • What turns you on?
  • What would you like me to wear?
  • What gets you hard?
  • What do you want me to do right now?
  • What would you pay for
  • What would you do to me if you could do ANYTHING

…WHEN…. (get their heart pumping) 

  • When are you going to take me into private so I can be alone with you?
  • When are you going to pleasure me?
  • When are you going to make me wet?
  • When are we going to meet?

…WHERE…. (get descriptive!)

  • Where should I put my fingers now?
  • Where would you like to put your cock?
  • Where would you like to fuck me?
  • Where should I touch you?
  • Where should I tease you?
  • Where do you want to lick me?
  • Where do you want to kiss me?
  • Where do you want to caress me?
  • Where would you like to cum?

…. HOW… (make them imagine it SO real in their head)

  • How would you turn me on?
  • How would you make me cum?
  • How would I make you cum?
  • How many times do you think you can make me cum?
  • How would you do it?
  • How would you take me?

… and WHY…. 

(big alert: be careful with these. They can make you come across as…. ‘challenging’ or ‘too invasive’ – and we don’t want that as you may offend your client. If you’re doing mistress / cuckold / sissy stuff then it’s okay, and also if you’ve established a good level of banter or communication with a client, it’s okay. Just stay alert to how your conversation with a guy is going… )

  • Why are you watching
  • Why aren’t you getting it at home
  • Why are you single
  • Why do you want me
  • Why do you watch me instead of your wife?

The best part about Cam is that you can be as experimental as you want. Remember, as Dita Von Teese said….

“Seduction has nothing to do with pleasing other people; it’s about creating your own look and embracing your own sacred space.”