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Let’s celebrate the Mum Bod

We all love to dress to impress, right?

But sometimes we dress to conceal parts of our bodies that we don’t like. What we project on the outside, might not reflect how we are feeling on the inside.


Our bodies are constantly changing. We are so much more than our bodies. Let’s celebrate how amazing they really are! They reveal our life journey and all the changes we have been through.


Pregnancy changes


Pregnancy is one of those huge life changes that affects our body dramatically. Nurturing a new life for 9 months is hard. Let’s face it, there are bound to be lasting changes after we’ve safely delivered a little one into the world.


Motherhood is literally the journey of a lifetime. By the end of pregnancy, the uterus stretches to the size of a watermelon. Society expects the body to ping back like an elastic band to exactly how it was before. These are pretty unreasonable expectations!


Post-pregnancy body changes include:

– Nipple changes

– Stretch marks

– Larger tummy

– Wider hips

– Loose skin

– C-section scars

– Saggy boobs

– Putting on weight


Why are these changes seen as a problem?


These body changes can knock your confidence and pride in your body. If we think there are ‘problem’ areas, we might try to hide them by choosing certain outfits to cover them.


We might fall into the comparison trap and compare our bodies to other girls. This can cause us to judge our body negatively and make us feel frustrated at our looks.


Remember – Nobody is more critical of your body than you. We are often our own worst critic.


So, what shall we do about it?


Take a moment to consider all of the important work your body has done. Your body has created, protected, nurtured and fed a whole person. That’s a pretty amazing journey to go through!


Express how fabulous you are! Tell your girlfriends how fabulous they are!


Motherhood is special and is not guaranteed for all women. Let’s celebrate the women who became mothers and have the physical badges to show it.


It’s ok to have a mum bod. When you accept yourself first, others will follow your example. This is hugely important for our children. Break the cycle of negative body judgement by feeling proud of what your body has achieved and how it has changed.


Take time to celebrate your mum! She’s done the most important job in the world! What could you do today to show your appreciation?


Normalise the mum bod!


Women are said to bloom in pregnancy, let’s bloom post pregnancy too! It’s time to normalise our differences and feel proud at what our body has achieved.


There is nothing in the world more magical than the journey of motherhood. So let’s celebrate our sexiness and beauty and see ourselves in a fabulous new light.