Meet a Member

What is your other profession/job?

I am the director of a Financial Services company. It is a very black and white job filled with regulation and boring paperwork. Completely not what you would expect from someone who Cam’s in their spare time!!

Why did you start Camming?

I started to Cam in order to top up my income while I was starting up my company. My income had fallen significantly and I needed to make extra money to pay the bills and to reduce the debt I had built up. I initally started working for Yodel delivering parcels at 5am – I was getting paid 70p a parcel which was working out to be around ¬£2 an hour, I was exhausted and couldn’t even pay my mortgage. I now earn the same as I was earning in one week, in a day. ¬†Camming has allowed me to build a business that I am proud of and still pay my bills, it has supported me through covid and has actually allowed me to reduce my debt. I am so glad I found this!

Do you tell your colleagues that you Cam?

No, its my little secret. A handful of people who are close to me are aware of what I do. It is absolutely essential that I remain professional in my daily life and at first I was a little scared. Not anymore – I see my cam work as my alter ego. It allows me to switch off completely from numbers and management and slip into another personality!! My cam girl alter ego is fun and flirty; more submissive yet confident. Its amazing to be able to experiance that side of myself.

How have you found yourself change as a person?

I have changed more than I could have ever imagined. I feel empowered, strong. I am more confident sexually and much more confident in myself and my body. I have learnt that guys really do love women of all sizes and shapes and I should love my own shape more. The financial freedom it has given me allows me to do things I could have only dreamed of and the secret alter ego has bought something new to my otherwise black and white life!

How does cam fit in with your regular life and other career?

My job is very much Monday-Friday 9am – 6pm. I work from home so I usually finish around 6pm, take a few hours to get out of my PJs, put some makeup on and get in the mood. I usually put some music on; grab a glass of wine and I log on around 8pm. On weekdays I only work until midnight so that I am not too tired for my day job. Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s are my busiest days and I usually keep the cam on all day in the background. I cam in my dressing gown, my PJS or my going out dress – its really flexible! Usually on the weekends I open a bottle of wine and will stay on until 2am. I really do not mind it and most guys will grab a drink and party with me! I always think what would I be doing if I wasnt camming – probs on the sofa watching Netflix!!

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