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Top Secret – Your identity is your business

Concerns about privacy?

At Her Alter Ego we totally understand your need for privacy

Some cam models are happy to live all over social media. But if that isn’t your style, then guess what? No problem.

Keeping your identity secret might be a top priority for you. Perhaps you want to avoid being recognised or just feel concerned about sharing personal information. That’s why we work the way we do.

Our network is set up to keep you safe and secure. You are in total control of who sees what – if you want to keep your face hidden from photos and a low profile, we totally support that. This way you can feel empowered, relax into your role and let your personality shine.


We’ve got you covered!

The general public doesn’t need to see everything we do. Keeping a distance between our cam lives and personal lives is important. That’s why we’ve got our own private members area. Here you can access training and support from our friendly team.


Why work with us?

Our emphasis is on providing a service that boosts your success. We want you to succeed in your chosen career. Take a look at just some of the benefits working with us.


  • Expert training

We provide industry expertise from professionals in the field. This wealth of experience can be accessed any time in the members area. No need to put everything on hold for any Zoom calls. You can carry on living your best life and access our courses at a time to suit you. There’s no need to book a sitter or cancel that girly night out. So log on and take advantage of our amazing courses and tutorials. You will be living and loving the cam model life in no time.


  • Online chat and support

Away from public eyes, you can access private chats with the rest our community. With a totally ‘girls together’ vibe, you can ask for advice, get some hot tips and get to know the rest of the team. Some girls have made friends for life working with us. That’s down to our attitude and the way we work together. It’s a great way to share your experiences and support each other.


  • Fun meet ups

Don’t spend all your time looking down a cam! When you work with us, there are loads of opportunities to meet up with other girls. We arrange plenty of social get-togethers. Then you can get to know each other in person. We have lots of fun too. How about pole dancing lessons? Or a cool relaxing day at a spa? From epic parties to chilled out Sunday lunches, we’ve got so much going on.


What else do I need to know?

We are an ICO registered company. All data you share with us is kept securely in line with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. None of our girls will ever feature on our social media channels and our advertising strategies are discreet. We are all in this together and so it is our duty to respect and protect our members who want to keep a low profile.